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About Us

We help clients identify if they have been mis-sold a pension or other financial product and if they have, work hard to get compensation for them. liverpool airport taxi Our team are dedicated in providing a high quality service to our loyal client base. We have years of experience in the financial services and claims management sector. Our team of experts will assist you throughout your claims process to maximize the compensation due to you.


At Reclaim My pension we specialise in Pension mis-sale claims. A pension was mis-sold if you were given unsuitable advice, the risks are high for you as a customer and/or limitations were not explained, or you were not given the information you needed in order to make an informed decision and ended up with a product that wasn’t right for you.

Our Expert advisors in pension mis selling can explain the process of claiming compensation in detail.


Reclaim My Pension aims to offer clear, honest advice to all of our clients at all times. If we take on a claim which we believe has a prospect of success, then all work is on a strictly no-win no-fee basis.


Step 1

Complete form to tell us what happened when you switched your pension.

Step 2

One of our partnered companies will contact you to discuss your claim.

Step 3

Sit back and let them do the rest and take care of your claim for you.


At Reclaim My Pension is an established and recognised leading Claims Management company.

We specialise in mis-sold Pension/Investments.

We aim to make the process of claiming back your mis-sold pension as fast, simple, transparent and ethical as possible.

We provide an assessment of your pension plan to find out whether there could be grounds to submit a mis-sold pension claim.


Have you experienced any of the below? If so, are youvictim of pension / investment mis-selling?

  • Were you contacted out of the blue and offered a free pension assessment?
  • Did a financial advisor advise you to move your work or personal pension or all of your pensions into Self Invested Personal Pension?
  • Were one of these investment types presented to you: Overseas property? Land? Storage Units? Carparks? Carbon credits? Loan notes? Mauritian stock exchange? Farm land? Plus many more.
  • Were you advised that you were moving your pensions into a possible high-risk investment?
  • Did you fully understand the charging structure?
  • Are you struggling to get access to your pension?
  • Have you been told you have to give notice or even sell the investment yourself?
  • Do you know what you have invested in?
  • Has the company you received the advice from disappeared or gone into administration?


Mis-Sold SIPP Claims

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Individual Mis-sold SIPP Schemes

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Below we have listed examples of circumstances where you may have been mis-sold a SIPP:

  • Your adviser suggested transferring to a SIPP as it was better than traditional personal pensions
  • Your adviser recommended a SIPP but did not recommend the investments within the SIPP
  • Your adviser reviewed your existing pensions and only recommended you transfer them into a SIPP
  • Your adviser did not provide you with adequate information on all the potential risks
  • Your adviser promoted the use of SIPPs for tax rather than pension benefits
  • Your adviser did not explain that HMRC could change the tax rules at any given time
  • Your adviser did not give completely clear advice and so was in breach of FCA rules
  • SIPPs are normally only suitable for experienced investors who want to personally manage their pension and the investments in it.
  • If you have a SIPP and this was not your intention you may have been given inadequate advice or even misled about the risk involved.
  • If so, you may have been a victim of SIPP mis-selling – and you may be able to make a mis-sold SIPP claim.